Lansdowne Welcomes You!

Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation

The Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) encourages economic activity and growth in the Borough of Lansdowne by fostering partnerships with businesses, residents, entrepreneurs and consumers to create a flourishing, inclusive, creative and welcoming community.

In 10 years’ time, Lansdowne will be a thriving and vibrant borough. During the day it will be bustling – full of people and businesses. At night, it will be a lively destination, full of interesting things to do and places to go for residents and visitors, young and old. People will stay here and move here because of the extraordinary quality of life.

Retail Opportunities in Lansdowne

Interested in locating your business in Lansdowne’s Central Business District? Take a look at the listing of currently available retail properties here. Or download the LEDC’s recently-published Retail Opportunities Guide, a 16-page booklet outlining the many reasons why becoming a part of the Lansdowne business community is a smart decision.

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