Strategic Goals 2016-20

The LEDC has adopted the following goals for each of its committees.


Overall Objective: Market the LEDC and the unique characteristics and assets of Lansdowne to businesses, residents, and visitors, etc.

A-1: Promote the LEDC and Lansdowne online and in print

  • through social media
  • through website updates
  • through print media
  • establish brand standards

A-2: Coordinate/Conduct the LEDC Annual Meeting

A-3: Provide marketing assistance to new and existing businesses

  • press releases for businesses
  • website listings
  • cooperative advertising
  • cross-retail promotions
  • sidewalk sales, coupon programs, etc.

A-4: Press releases for LEDC activities and events

A-5: Organize pop-up events (partner with Business Development Committee)


Overall Objective: Promote economic development that is diverse and strong in Lansdowne by encouraging new businesses and providing services to existing businesses.

B-1: Fill vacant storefronts (ongoing)

  • Conduct Trade Area Studies and have statistical data available for potential businesses
  • Create/Maintain Property Inventory of vacant and available spaces
  • Prepare/Update Retail Recruitment Guide
  • Prepare Business Recruitment Strategy
  • Organize events to highlight and fill vacant spaces (pop-ups)

B-2: Develop a healthy mix of businesses by increasing the number and diversity of businesses

  • Some focus on arts-based businesses, entertainment-related, businesses with evening and late-night hours
  • Some focus on businesses that are “green,” health, good for the environment

B-3: Help entrepreneurs who want to open new businesses esp. those that are minority, women, veterans, and/or low/moderate-income

B-4: Provide assistance to existing businesses

  • loan and grant information
  • Maintain database of existing businesses and owner information
  • Organize business-based events (First Fridays, Small Business Saturday, etc.)
  • Advertising co-ops
  • Power buying strategies (collective purchases)
  • Assistance with zoning, HARB reviews, etc.

B-5: Partner with LBPA on various events

B-6: Work with Marketing Committee on revenue-generating activities for the LEDC that involve businesses

  • Including co-ops, incubators, public meeting space for rent, etc.

B-7: Partner with local hospital on Healthy Community Initiatives in the downtown

  • Walking tours
  • Heart-healthy menu options at local restaurants

B-8: Partner with Historic Lansdowne Theater to help bring about their renovation and re-opening

B-9: Research and disseminate information on liquor license/change to a “wet” town: implications, procedures, etc.


Overall Objective: Promote Lansdowne to residents and visitors from surrounding areas and raise funds for the LEDC through events.

C-1: Organize special events for residents and visitors from surrounding areas, including:

  • 5K Race
  • Lansdowne Farmers Markets
  • Lansdowne Arts & Music Festival
  • Arts & Craft Show (May)
  • A Bit of the Arts (Holiday Arts Show)
  • Celebration Theater


Overall Objective: Create an appealing downtown shopping atmosphere that encourages pedestrian traffic and preserves historic architecture.

D-1: Implement an effective façade program again and promote the accompanying Design Guidelines

  • Survey physical condition of buildings to determine priorities
  • Contact local businesses to determine interest and commitment
  • Apply to DCED for funding
  • Implement program
  • Upload Design Guidelines to website
  • Print additional hard copies for distribution to approved façade applicants

D-2: Work with the Borough and other organizations to provide streetscape improvements

  • Review WalkShed study
  • Prioritize action items

D-3: Help businesses through the HARB review process


Overall Objective: Implement the Elm Street Plan, provide services for residents, and encourage people to move to the Lansdowne/Yeadon area.

E-1: Continue the residential façade program

E-2: Get more volunteers and coordinate volunteer activities

E-3: Partner with local hospital on Healthy Community Initiatives in the neighborhoods

E-4: Promote Lansdowne/Yeadon as a great place to move

E-5: Welcome new residents


Overall Objective: Maintain positive operational cash flow that is sustainable and diverse, including generating revenue that will help reduce LEDC’s dependence on grants and government funds.

F-1: Develop and implement a comprehensive fundraising plan

  • Prepare annual fundraising campaign for private and corporate support
  • Research and suggest grant and foundation opportunities

F-2: Secure sustainable financial resources for the LEDC

  • Research similar organizations for funding ideas
  • Work with Bus Dev’t Committee to research and suggest private revenue-generating activities and ventures, such as co-ops and business incubators


Overall Objective: Build a diverse, strong and financially sustainable organization that builds consensus and cooperation among all of the stakeholders.

G-1: Build a more diverse, strong Board of Directors

  • Assess membership in terms of demographics, occupations, non-profit experience, skills and interests. Evaluate gaps. Solicit membership/nominees to fill gaps.

G-2: Ensure the LEDC’s administrative compliance with funders, IRS, and government entities; administer grants, maintain 501(c) (3) status, and establish financial measures.

G-3: Review policies and procedures on an annual basis.

G-4: Keep current PANO and PA Downtown Center memberships and for regular training and updates.

G-5: Completion of annual fiscal audits, appropriate filing of 1099, BCO, etc., timely submission of reports to funders.

G-6: Partner with Borough Council, County Council, local businesses and other local non-profits.