…and we’re back

May 24, 2018


Cue the crowds, cue the tents, and cue the music!   Like Brigadoon (points for getting the reference), we rise from the asphalt to bring our favorite slice o’ life back to the Avenue.

Welcome to the 2018 edition of Lansdowne Farmers Market!  Seems like yesterday and seems like forever since we stood in the warm May sunshine and hugged ourselves at our good fortune just to be standing there.  But here we are.  What’s new? We’ve missed you!

At this writing, what’s to see at the Market has yet to be revealed…look for some returning favorites and some new to the ‘downe Town scene. But old and soon-to-be favorites will all be here on opening day.  You should be here, too. I mean, where else would you be???

I hope you’ll make a habit of plugging in to this weekly newsletter…I’ll try to keep you up to date on what’s coming up and in.  The produce pickin’s will start gradually as the PA and NJ soils heat up and start pumping out all your summer must-haves.  First, you’ll want to snatch up the early lettuce and tender greens, plump peas and maybe some randy ramps and assertive asparagus.  And before you know it, early tomatoes and berries will add ripe red notes to the party. And then we’re off to the races!  Heirloom tomatoes in living Technicolor, blueberries and peaches, summer squash and green beans, melons and OMG sweet corn! Better bring a back-up basket.

If you want a better idea of what to look for and when, click on PA’s seasonal calendar here.  But keep in mind that Mother Nature may tweak her weather lineup, so I’ll try to give you a heads-up straight from the farmer’s mouth each week about what’s up next.

Of course, we’re about way more than fruits and veggies.  All you carb-cravers and carnivores will find plenty to satisfy that bread or sweet sump’n sump’n spot; and there’s honest-to-goodness, ready-to-eat meals to take home for later, or enjoy right this minute at a table on the Landing.

You gotta love the Lansdowne Landing!  During Market season, it’s a place for the kids to burn off some energy while you browse the midway; or a place to listen to whatever’s goin’ on in the Music Tent; or just to sit for some conversation.  But for much of the year, while the seeds were sleeping, the Landing kept the community vibe alive with parties, group events and killer jazz jam sessions.  What did we do without it?

This week in the music tent:  Cassendre Xavier opens our season. Armed only with an acoustic guitar, her powerful voice and message will reach out and grab you.

But, hey!  Don’t sit so long that you forget to visit the Artist of the Week tent.  What will it be? Something wearable? hangable? even better…giftable?  Possibly something you never knew you needed until BAM! Gotsta have it.  

This week in the Artist’s tent: Karen Heenan’s Useful & Beautiful

Karen’s up-cycled fabric creations make me feel guilty for every sock I’ve ever thrown away!  

The 2018 LFM will be all this and more.  So don’t be left out!  

Don’t forget to click on all of the links in this newsletter… LFM schedule, artist and vendor info, and so much more can always be found on the NEW, easy-to-navigate website.  Check out the constantly updated list of vendors and all the LFM FB posts and pix here. And for sure, the LEDC website has a full calendar of events and all the skinny on how to make the most out of life in Lansdowne.  You don’t want to miss out on any of it.

One last thing as we begin the season…we love that the LFM is a place to catch up with old friends, but please, take a moment to greet a new face, maybe someone here for the first time; maybe someone wondering if this may be where they want to belong.  You may be just that last thing that makes them glad that they came.  

See you at the Market!

-Terry Baraldi, Living large in a small town