…and we’re off and running!

June 1, 2017

First up was Mayor Tony Campuzano to officially christen our new outdoor space, Lansdowne Landing, and ring open the first Lansdowne Farmers Market of the 2017 summer season.  Can I get a Yay and Amen!

If you just happened onto the Avenue last Saturday, you’d be forgiven if you thought you’d stumbled onto a carnival midway…the music, the crowds, the bursting booths and the OMG what is that? aromas… about the only thing missing was the bearded lady!  At least I didn’t see one.

As has become a tradition on our first market day, ALL of our summer vendors showed up and showed off.  While some of our vendors are weekly, others, beginning next Saturday, will be here on alternate weeks.

NOTE: In the interest of space, and to encourage you to explore our fabulous LFM website, each week you can find the entire cast of characters, links to their sites, and their schedules right here.  Come each week and get to know them all!

Lordy, get a load of the newcomers!   Lotions and potions; prepared foods and foods to prepare; and walkin’ around food to eat right this minute! (this writer sure did!).  And we’ve stepped up the program with local craft beers, wines and locally distilled vodka, gin, rum, and (drumroll please) applejack, my friends!  If you didn’t know, this comeback concoction dates all the way back to the colonies. Impress your friends.  

And of course, a BIG Welcome Back to our returnees.  Where would we be without them?  ‘Fess up (I will) if you had a Hallelujah moment at the sight of those first tender spring greens, red tomatoes, and all that asparagus standing at attention.  And strawberries…And rhubarb!  I feel a pie coming on!  Maybe this one.

Speaking of pies (and who doesn’t), baked goods took a star turn in the form of cookies, scones, donuts, and breads just begging to be slathered with an array of relishes and cheeses, or stuffed with fresh sausages, pates and bacon.

Attention shoppers:  Make up your list now.  June will see the last of the peas, but will be bustin’ out with blueberries and sweet cherries, cucumbers and cauliflower, peppers and color-me-purple eggplants.  Watch this space each week for what’s coming up next.

And don’t forget our featured Lansdowne artists and musicians, because this town has it all!  

Come shop, come mingle, come sit and enjoy it all.  See you next Saturday!

-Terri Baraldi, Lifelong Lansdowner and community volunteer at large.