March Letter from the Board Chair

March 15, 2017

We planted some “economic seeds” last year, and now they’re coming to life!

Over the past 9 months, the LEDC submitted several applications to fund economic and community development programs. Two weeks ago, we received good news from the PA Department of Community and Economic Development. The LEDC was awarded $50,000 to continue our work with the Elm Street Program. This program allows for residential improvements through matching grants in the south Lansdowne/Yeadon neighborhood. Out of 80 applicants across the state, the LEDC was one of seven recipients and operates the only multi-municipal program in the Commonwealth.

Also last month, David Zellers, Field Services Specialist from the Pennsylvania Downtown Center, met with the LEDC Board and staff and commended us on an exceptional Main Street Program application. Whereas the Elm Street Program focuses on residential neighborhoods, the Main Street Program focuses on downtown business districts.  Zellers noted that the LEDC’s Main Street application is one of the strongest submitted to date and he uses it as a model for other communities throughout Pennsylvania.  In our discussion with Zellers, the LEDC presented other potential economic development initiatives and he offered insight into additional funding sources.

Finally, we learned last week that the LEDC has been awarded a grant from the Community Design Collaborative. The Collaborative gives non-profits access to preliminary design services by matching them with architects, engineers and other design professionals. In addition to design-related support, the grant will also provide preliminary cost estimates to support fundraising efforts. The LEDC will take advantage of this opportunity to guide a potential project for creative co-working space in Lansdowne’s Central Business District. This exciting project is in the early stages of development and the Collaborative’s support will gives us the tools to move this forward and increase our chances for success.

It’s been exciting for us to see the positive results of our planning, focus and hard work. We’ll be sure to keep you posted, but in the meantime, check our Facebook page and our website for updates as they occur!

-Ellen Lustgarten, LEDC Board Chair


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