RCN’s Presence More Notable in Lansdowne

January 14, 2016

Where I came from in central PA, my choice for TV/Internet service was one of two options: choose the one overpriced local cable company or a “hit-or-miss” satellite provider. I am a firm believer that competition always benefits the consumer. Competition is the name of the game here in the Lansdowne area. I am probably your average customer so how do I judge when choosing cable and internet options? What matters to me, and most consumers, is customer service. Do I sit on hold when I call or do I talk to a personable and helpful customer service rep?

Customer service is an important aspect of RCN’s business model in the Lansdowne community. In 2012, RCN initiated a rebranding effort with a strengthened workforce. This is all part of their vision of delivering outstanding U.S.-based customer service along with same-day installation times and two-hour service windows.

RCN has been around since 1993 and has increased investment in their company by acquiring several Internet Service Providers over the years. Their tech-forward focus has created partnerships with TiVo and Netflix, which has increased their appeal to customers. Most recently RCN announced the ability to offer 155/15 Megabits per second (Mbps) download/upload internet speed to several service areas. PC Magazine rated RCN’s internet service #1.

For business clients, RCN boasts “Partnership, Choice, and Technology” which echoes back to their underlying theme of customer service with support of the products and services they offer. In an interview with Jennifer Hoff, a Lansdowne local small business owner, Hoff says: “Hoff Communications, Inc. is an RCN Commercial Fiber Customer. I find their Fiber product to be outstanding — fast, reliable, no problems whatsoever — but even more importantly, throughout the entire set-up and installation process, I felt like the RCN team had my business in mind. They were very communicative, helpful and prompt. Running a small business is hard enough…having a reliable partner makes it easier.”

Giving back to community is another aspect RCN finds important and the LEDC is on their long list of organizations they support. They are one of our biggest corporate sponsors. They contribute to the LEDC and provide free WiFi for all vendors and customers at our Farmers Market. They also run numerous commercials for us, helping us publicize our events including A Bit of the Arts and our Fall Arts and Music Festival.

In an effort to further support local communities, RCN created some exclusive original TV programs. Community Spotlight and Take Five are two of such programs, which highlight individuals and local groups.

For Delaware County viewers, the local RCN TV channel is channel 8 or 608 for HD viewers. As consumers become more discerning, it will be companies like RCN, who make a concerted effort to improve customer service and community outreach, that make an impact on towns like ours.

Contributing facts provided by Kristen M. Fallon, Marketing & Community Relations Coordinator, RCN

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