Free Ways to Increase Customers and Your Business Network

  1. Email Blast.
    You are obviously excited about your new business venture, so email people in your contact list telling them about your location or services you offer. You can follow up occasionally with updates.
  2. Start a Newsletter.
    Have a sign up at your business asking for your customer’s email and birthday. Monthly newsletters can showcase your current events/specials.
  3. Email a Birthday Coupon.
    Everyone likes Birthday presents. Coupons could be for a small free item or a percentage off items.
  4. Offer to Email Receipts.
    People may offer their email if it means they can reduce the carbon imprint and lost receipts. Remember to include a “Thank You” with the emailed receipt. This reinforces the customer experience with your location and encourages repeat business.
  5. Create a page on Facebook.
    Facebook has 845 million active users. Social Media extends reach into the community, builds two-way communication, and helps establish brand awareness.
  6. Create a page on Twitter.
    13% of online individuals use Twitter. Don’t know what to tweet? Celebrate and tweet odd holidays like “National Coffee Day.” For a list of odd holidays, visit
  7. Create a LinkedIn account for your business.
    More than 225 million people are using LinkedIn making it the world’s largest professional social network.
  8. Encourage customers to write a review.
    Rating businesses online is an increasing trend. Ask your customer to review your business on places like Facebook and Yelp.