Change is in the Air

September 5, 2017

In the drizzle and chill of the Labor Day LFM, it almost felt like the last hurrah…but try telling that to the faithful market-goers who showed up right on schedule, left with bags and baskets of the last of the berries and peaches, green beans and zucchini, and the vendors with lighter tables and big smiles.  It happens every year.

Autumn brings its own familiar flavors and favors.  Suddenly the idea of roasted squash, hot soups and steaming bowls of chili sounds just about right.  Apple red and pumpkin orange color over the pinks and yellows of summer days.  And even though the sun still warms the day, elbows and knees suddenly disappear under long sleeves and jeans.  Old becomes new.

And the LFM doesn’t miss a beat.  We’ll be here with the best of fall:  apples in reds, greens and gold; squash in all sorts of shapes; hearty breads; hot food and drink to warm you now or later; and music to keep you movin’ and groovin’ right up to Halloween.

Some shopping notes:  Due to the late start on the growing season, we might get an extra week or two of sweet corn and those big red beefsteak tomatoes.  Maybe an extra week of peaches, too.  And those fabulous extended-season strawberries at Frecon have an uncertain time limit, so if you spy ‘em, buy ‘em! Mitch at Green Zebra is busy in his test kitchen working on a possible treat for the weeks ahead.  So stop by his booth and stay tuned.

But right now, it’s all about the apple!  Back in the day, Snow White might have been taken in by that bright Red Delicious, but that was then.  Today that old witch will have to widen her selection of wares…Did you know that, at 5%, Pennsylvania ranks 4th in US apple production?  (We gave up trying to compete with Washington State’s 58%!!).  And whether you want sweet ones, tart ones, soft or crunchy, here’s how to know which is which (not which witch!). But for all things apple, and my weekly Nerd Alert, you might want to pull up the U of Illinois Extension article to dazzle (or annoy) friends and family.  After all…wasn’t the first apple all about being too smart for our own good?

My Market Buck offer from last Saturday still stands:  Last Chance!  Come to the booth wearing anything with an apple on it, or with an apple adage (be it great or groaner), and get your reward.  It will at least prove that you read this far!  Which will make you the apple of my eye!


This is a Week 2 schedule, so be sure to check out our LFM website or FaceBook page for the whole slate.  But here are a couple of updates:

  • Bonnie’s Wondergardens will be back!  I’m guessing mums will be front and center, but with the creative Ms. McShane, who knows what else?
  • Community Cup Coffee will be absent this week.

In the Music tent:  Robert Fournier with his musical thoughts on the American landscape; and Ev Heard , covering some of the great American legends, like Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton.

Artist of the Week:  Julie Lange and On 3 Designs.  A seamstress par excellence and perennial Lansdowne favorite, with just that perfect item you need to wear or carry.

Coming Attractions:  

Don’t miss Lansdowne’s Arts on the Avenue the very next day, Sunday, Sept 10!  Food and fun for young, old and in-betweens, unique crafts and craft beer!  Music and dancing!  Open from noon – 6 pm on North Lansdowne Avenue. Be there!

And it’s not to soon to begin crafting that costume you’ve been planning for Fido to win all the biscuits.  One of our most awaited annual events, Doggie Day, will be Sept. 30th.  

So, I’ll plan on seeing you around L’downe, OK?


-Terry Baraldi, Still here and still loving Lansdowne