The answer is Fresh and Friendly

June 8, 2017

The Question:  What’s the three-word slogan of our Lansdowne Farmers Market?   Ding ding ding!  You are correct!  

And if you’re likely to forget, you might consider buying a one-of-a-kind Fresh and Friendly Recycled T-shirt.  From funky to funny and sourced from the finest second-hand stores (and LEDC storage containers), these conversation starters are for sale next to the Manager’s tent.  Better than the boardwalk, my friends!  At the bargain price of $6 per or 2 for $10, all proceeds go to help keep the LFM up and running this season, and the one after that, and the one…well, you get it.  Now get one…or several.

In the Fresh category, this week you’ll find: jewel-like tomatoes in reds and yellows, green onions, scarlet strawberries, ruby red radishes and free-range rooster bullets (that’s eggs).  A bounty of baked goods and brittles (who was brave enough to sample the Kick Yo Can Cayenne from the Cocky Gourmet?), barbecue and burritos.  And so much more, really too much more.  Ya gotta come see for yerself.

And Friendly??? Please!  We are nothing but…you just needed to see the kids hula hooping and making noise in the Landing “playroom,” and watch the crowd tapping toes, tables and hands (some of us may have danced a little) to the seriously crazy zydeco of Lost Northern Tribe….We may need to add Fun to our motto.    

A few notes:  

Sadly, according to my sources (OK, Mike at Fruitwood Farms), due to an untimely frost there will be NO sugar plums this year.  So they’ll just have to dance in your head ’til 2018.  The good news: all that crazy spring weather didn’t do much harm, except we may see some lighter harvests and a slight lag in getting to the table. This will not affect vendor prices. And to help you plan your picnicking, pickling or preserving, here is a helpful seasonal chart for PA fruits and vegetables to print out and post in your pantry. Here’s a hint:  cucumbers, carrots, summer squash, beets and snap beans!

A big part of LFM’s mission is community service, helping to feed, and offer help to those people in our area who might otherwise remain in the shadows. There are several ways that you can contribute:  by supporting the weekly vendor Our Community Cup Coffee which aids the disabled; and by dropping off canned or boxed foods to the LFM manager’s tent for our own Community Cupboard out of the Lansdowne Presbyterian Church. (If you forget, you can always drop a bit of cash into the collection jar on the table.)  You’ll be glad that you did.  It feels so good to help.

Lastly:  I hope that the weekly musings here will tempt and encourage you to dive deeper into the LFM website or visit us on Facebook, where you can get the most helpful information: vendor schedules, their products and websites links; upcoming events like community days; or other special activities and booths.  Don’t miss out…check it out!


Terry Baraldi, Volunteer at Large