How Can It Be August?

August 1, 2017

It was just June, wasn’t it? I had all these plans, and all the time in the world to get to them, right?  I mean, it’s just past July 4, isn’t it?  Plenty of easy living ahead…I’m sure I penciled some in on my cal…Hey! Who flipped the page to AUGUST???

And why is it that when I still need to stock up on beach towels and flip flops, the store shelves are now all about school supplies and snow boots?  Nooooo!   August!

 But right here, right now, at the Lansdowne Farmers Market, August is the very best of times.  The farmers are picking as fast as they can and we are standing by with baskets and bags at the ready.

By now, if you’ve been faithfully reading this newsletter, or just faithfully supporting the LFM, you’re  already pretty familiar with our roster of vendors and what they’ll be bringing to the (and your) tables each week. But it’s August, and we’re no longer waiting for the goods to get here… ‘cause here they are, and what to do with all the goodness?  Goodness knows.

So I thought the time might be, er…ripe, to give a little love to some of the stars of the produce aisle…so folks, this week let’s give it up for Peaches and Tomatoes!!!!!  

Let’s talk peaches.  I could bore you with statistics…like: did you know that New Jersey ranks 4th in the US for peaches?  Or:  NJ orchards have a collective total of over 2 million peach trees. Maybe a little romance instead?  Here’s the story of how a little Persian Apple grew up to be a Jersey peach.

And you thought NJ was the first and last word on tomatoes! But the familiar Jersey red actually began it’s “saucy” tale south of the border down Mexico way, sailed to sunny Italy, and like lots of other Italians, eventually ended up in NJ.  Yo!  Representin’!

If there’s anything that says summer more than sweet peach juice dribbling down your chin, a 3-napkin BLT, or a perfect tomato eaten right out of hand, I can’t think of it.  How sweet it is!

But when two good lookin’ world travelers, used to going it solo, meet up downa shore, lemmetellya, things can get hot…like Tomato Peach Salsa; or cool, like Peach & Tomato Gazpacho; or baked together in a simple cobbler.   So when you unpack that market basket on Saturday, keep an eye on those two…they may have a few tasty tricks under their skins.  Anything can happen!


  • I haven’t gotten official word on when the freestone peaches will be here.  Check with the vendors.
  • My House Cookies will NOT be here this week.  Look for Tom C. back in his spot on August 12.

In addition to our weekly purveyors, this week will feature our 1st & 3rd week vendors.  Be sure to visit our website and FaceBook page for all the skinny.  

In the Music Tent:  Kathy Quinn and Julie Ott pair up for a song swap featuring original tunes and acoustic folk, roots and blues covers.  See more about this special appearance on their  FaceBook page.

In the Artist Tent:  Heather Famine and A Heather Bag:  Sturdy and sophisticated, one-of-a-kind handbags and backpacks made from upcycled/reclaimed and discontinued fabrics.

Next week:  Corn, melons and cukes?  Oh yeah!


See you at the Market!

Terry Baraldi  –  Livin’ the Lansdowne Life