Letter from the Board Chair

June 8, 2017

It’s Farmers Market season and our opening Market was wildly successful.

Farmers Markets can be integral to the economic development of a community. According to an article by Lauren Sverth for Main Street America, “Farmers markets activate places and foster unique interactions…they generate a remarkable influx of fresh energy that is difficult to replicate…The growing number of farmers markets reflects an increasing interest in local food systems and their ability to stimulate place-making, social interaction, and community development.”

As our vendors and regular shoppers can attest, our Market does all these things and more. Grab your veggies for the week, a loaf of bread, and pick up a “paint can” of wine. You can browse the stall of the artist of the week, listen to music and catch up with the neighbors. And with the Borough’s new “pop-up” park, The Lansdowne Landing, the experience is all the more enjoyable. What makes this so important to our community is the vibrancy and foot traffic it generates along Lansdowne Avenue.

After ten years, it is hard to imagine summer Saturdays in Lansdowne without the Farmers Market. The Market is one of our most popular programs and is critical to the LEDC’s revitalization initiatives.  Please support the Market by patronizing our farmers, our vendors and equally important, our local merchants. By doing so, not only are you contributing to the financial success of small businesses, you are taking an active role in creating an exciting Lansdowne.

See you at the Market!

-Ellen Lustgarten, LEDC Chair