Just Because It’s June

June 13, 2018


“What is so rare as a day in June?  Then, if ever, come perfect days.”

Amen to that, James Russell Lowell!  And last Saturday’s LFM was its own kind of poetry…sun, music and food, glorious food!  Once again, the threat of rain was only that…all bark, no bite.

Making the rounds of the produce aisle…among the wealth of spring beauties, like the rainbow stemmed Swiss chard and teardrop spring onions, last week’s star had to be the gorgeous scarlet kohlrabi bulbs.  But the comment I heard most was “What do you do with it?”   So, without further ado: Do this.

Farmers’ rule of thumb: First day of summer (that’s June 21) is last day to cut asparagus…so stock up this Saturday.  A quick blanching in the pot and into the freezer for enjoying all summer long. Why do you blanch?

Also spotted: some of the first green beans and the earliest cherries. Sadly, we may have seen the last of the strawberries.  But that just leaves room on the table for the raspberries and blueberries that are coming next…and hopefully not subject to rain delay.  

BTW: here’s a tip for keeping those delicate berries just a little bit longer:  Fill a bowl with cool water and just a capful or so of any vinegar (I use rice).  Bathe the fruit for just a quick minute, strain and let dry a bit before refrigerating.  This will kill those mold spores that seem to sprout into beards almost the minute you get the little beauties home.  And no, you won’t taste the vinegar. Of course the other option is to leave the berries in plain view, and watch them disappear before dinner.  In fact, if you have fancy dessert plans, best have all the other ingredients at the ready from the get-go. The best defense….

Here’s the part where I welcome some of our new vendors to the mix.  This week, make sure to check out Red Brick Craft Distillery’s selection of potent potables like Philly whiskey, pineapple rum (!), and their own brand of moonshine…and for the more temperate in the crowd, try their very special blrch beer.   

Which of the above bev’s will pair best with Jerky Jack’s crazy assortment of flavored meat twists is an avenue yet to be explored.  Looking for volunteers.

Of course, we are proud of all the vendors who have chosen to set up their tents with us.  Too many to list here, so to find out who all will be there this and every weekend, before you grab your shopping basket be sure to visit the LFM website or FaceBook page.  And while you’re there, check out all of the other bits of info, like upcoming events, photos and comments from our peeps.  

Once you’ve given the food aisle the once-around, you may want to take some of it, and maybe a little sippin’ whiskey or blrch beer over to the Landing to have a visit with friends or maybe just listen to some sounds.

In the Music Tent:  This week it’s singer/songwriter Meghan Carey, who is as much fun to watch as listen to.  Come see her now, and then see her again on June 29th as she and her Analog Gypsies team up with our own Bob Beach at Jamey’s House of Music.

Artist of the Week: Heffernan’s Little Craft Shop  One of the newest additions to our rebounding business district, Teresa Heffernan will be here with some goodies from her little brick and mortar right down the street.  Get to know her.

Special notes for special endeavors

Don’t forget to stop by and support the Union AA, whose volunteers work each year from July 5 to July 3 to bring us one of the best little July 4th celebrations in Delco.

Also this week, stop by the Lansdowne Votes table to make sure that you are ready to cast your vote in November.  We are tagging on to the town’s 125th anniversary to make sure that everyone in Lansdowne, of every stripe, is able to exercise their civic duty.  New residents especially welcome!   Let the kids look for the special rocks hidden around the Landing.  Post a pic to the FB page, then take them home as a reminder for November.

Nothing to do?  Not if you haven’t yet been to the Lansdowne 20*20 House for the current exhibit Within a Square Mile.  It’s open every Saturday and Sunday through July 8.  Even us lifetime L-downers are finding out new bits of old information…and how our village became so much more than streets and houses.  GO!

Final reminder!

Monday, June 18th is the due date to reserve your space for our first Community Day on June 30th.  Fee for space is $30.  Here’s a link to the application.  Stop by the Manager’s tent this Saturday for more info or to drop off your application and check.

See you Saturday!

-Terry Baraldi, Remembers way back when