Just so ya know…

June 20, 2017

Several people have mentioned that there’s something different about the weekly LFM Fresh Picks newsletter…thanks for noticing!   

Oh, it’s still the place to go to find out what’s up at the Market and around the town.  And I’m still here to get the party started…with a sneak preview of what’s coming, and maybe a little gossip about who’s been.  The fun stuff!  Maybe I’ll share a recipe, highlight one of our new vendors, and give you a jumpstart on your shopping list must-haves.  But if you want the full skinny on stuff like vendor information and schedules, the LEDC calendar of events, the LFM Facebook page and more, just follow the links.  Easy peesy!

On deck for Saturday, it’s the 2nd and 4th week vendors: Amazing Acres Goat Dairy, Paradocx Vineyards, Relishing Grannies, Eight Oaks Distillery, KakeMi, The Pure Truth Culinary Services (our very own personal chef!)…and batting cleanup, fer real: Izzie Lizzie Organics with her hand-crafted soaps and other herbal healing happiness.  I’m relaxed just typing about it.  

To learn more about these and all of our vendors, go to our website or Facebook page.

But not yet!  Just to keep you right here with me for the moment, I’ll share some timely tips:

In the produce aisle:  Only another week or two for snap peas, green beans, asparagus and spring onions; but that just makes more room for those beefy beefsteak tomatoes, zucchini and summer squash.  And beets!  I pity the fool who’s never grilled a bunch of the behemoths from Springwood. Rolled in oil, tossed with basil or mint, then slow roasted till the skin cracks, and man o man!  Just don’t wear white!

And it’s still the berries!  Blue and straw. And maybe…just maybe… the first peaches.  It’s a wait and see game.

This week is LFM’s first Community Day of the season.  Come support the local organizations, small businesses and non-profit enterprises that make Lansdowne such an interesting and rewarding place to live and do business.  You can check out the final list of vendors right over here

A perfect addition to the day will be our featured artist, William’s World.  Diagnosed with autism, William creates and sells his unique, multimedia art in order to make his own living.  Be sure to stop by his booth.

The way it was:  Stopped by John Wilson’s Mini Treats and indulged in my first, but probably not my last, posset …that’s 15th-century talk for pudding, people!  Had the lemon, but his berry versions are on my to-do list.  Will report back.

Got my protein fix in the form of BBQ on a bun from the folks at Pure Truth Culinary.  I strive for balance!

Best take-away from last week:  Musician Charlie Bell covered just about every era from the Beatles to Bruno Marz, but the very best moment was when Mitch’s Green Zebra assistant (shame on me for not getting her name) joined him at the mike and wowed us with Adele’s Someone Like You.  Standing O.

Thanks for reading!  See you at the Market!


-Terry Baraldi, Lovin’ it in Lansdowne