Live. Love. Lansdowne.

If you are looking for that small-town feel or close proximity to the city of Philadelphia, you will find both in Lansdowne. Residents here have lots of reasons they choose to live in Lansdowne. We have compiled a list of the top reasons we hear over and over again.

  • Low Rent/Home Costs
    Whether you’re a young adult renting your first apartment, a new family buying a home, or a senior looking to downsize, Lansdowne is for you. Rents and home prices here are lower than many similar communities in Delaware County. According to, about 60% of owners in Lansdowne and 50% of renters pay less than 30% of their income toward housing expenses, a measure of affordability.
  • Feeling of Community
    Events like the Lansdowne Farmers Market, Art Shows, Annual Festivals, Memorial Day 5K race, and parades give our residents a strong sense of community. In our targeted Elm Street neighborhood, the LEDC organizes street cleanups, park beautifications, green initiatives, youth outreach, and healthy community initiatives. These events are great opportunities to become involved in making Lansdowne your community.
  • Historic Beauty
    Lansdowne’s central business district and two separate neighborhoods, The Henry Albertson Subdivision District and Lansdowne Park District, all can be found on the National Register of Historic Places. Residents love and are proud of the famous, historic architecture found here.
  • Easy Access to Philadelphia
    Only a 20-minute regional rail ride or a 13-mile drive to Philadelphia, Lansdowne offers that suburban lifestyle with easy urban access.
  • Diversity
    Lansdowne fosters and promotes a vibrant and inspiring artistic community, which makes up a large portion of residents. Families of all types are welcome here. Freedom from fear of judgment based on religion, culture, and sexual orientation is a fundamental right in Lansdowne.

Still need more info? The highlighted links above can help current and future residents as well as these two pages about area schools and hospitals. Better yet, why not start with 15 Reasons to Move to Lansdowne? If you are a new resident, visit the LEDC office for a new resident welcome packet.