Riddle Me This

July 19, 2017

How is time like a gelato from the Icery?  Because it melts away faster in July and August!   At least it sure seems that way.  Hard to believe but we’ve passed the halfway mark of summer break.  The back-to-school commercials and their catchy jingles are already sending shivers down our collective spine.  

But here’s the thing…the best thing!  The good ship Bountiful has pulled up to the dock, and we are smack in the middle of the best of summertime eating!  Peaches (which, BTW, are predicting a banner year), corn, blueberries, and those hefty melons are screaming, “Take me to your table!” And the tomatoes, folks!  The TO-MAY-TOES!  Field-grown and sun-ripened!  Every color and size.  Close your eyes, open your mouth and pop in one of Green Zebra’s little wonders and you’ll swear it’s a sugar plum…sweet!  Is there anything prettier than a basketful of summer?  

But it gets even better…because while we may be on the downhill side of summer, Lansdowne Farmers Market is just hitting stride, and will be here for weeks and weeks…right up to Halloween.  You’ll know it when the melons do a Cinderella turn and get turned into …well…pumpkins.  And that mound of peaches moves over for some shiny red Galas, Pink Ladies and Jonagolds.  And if you can’t wait for a real apple, Eight Oaks Distillery has some that they’ve turned into liquid magic. Speaking of magic, Frecon Farms is promising to keep us supplied with strawberries right into the fall!  Bibbity-bobbity-BOO!

But…whoa, why rush the season?  We still have lots of summer to savor.  Are you remembering to keep the charcoal or gas grill well supplied?  Because our very own charcutier Ben Moscia at Freeland Market and our newest vendor-cum-butcher shop, Primal Supply Meats, both want to share their tender meat love with you.   And, friends, for gosh sakes! Toss those store-bought bottles of sauces and marinades, and marry up your main course, burger or dog with one of the selections from Relishing Grannies…sweet, savory, and sensational!  You can add in a bit more vinegar if needed for tenderizing that rack of ribs or London broil. Try it, you’ll like it! (What was that a commercial for?)

Lord knows there are sweets aplenty for the coup de grasWilson’s Curiously Good Foods, My House Cookies, and Kia’s Cakes (also the place for a lemonade or other cool bev).  I know, I’ve tried them all.  But what if you’re a party of one, with a sweet tooth that’s been talkin’ to you all day…and it’s 3 whole days till Market?  Take home one of KakeMi Cakes’ “just add water” set-ups, in lemon, vanilla or chocolate (note: be sure to put it where you’ll remember it) and in under 3 minutesoh, what a relief it is! (Another jingle…I may have to do an entire future newsletter on the theme.)

The Musician of the week will have you turaluraluring under the Irish spell of Keegan Loesel and his pipes, whistles and songs.  Note: A Market Buck to anyone wearing a kilt, or bringing a shillelagh to the Market tent.  Oh what the heck…just show up in something green!

In the Artist Tent:  Pidge Molyneaux of MWM Designs brings her one-of-a-kind jewelry-as-art, including Kenyan ceramic beads…you don’t want to miss this one.

This week features our 2nd & 4th week vendors:  For the entire schedule…you know what to do:  LFM Website or FaceBook

Final Note:  While you are choosing from the bounty at your fingertips, please remember that others are still hungry.  Will you consider taking that dollar bill you got back in change and dropping it in the Community Cupboard jar at the Managers’ tent?  You won’t miss it, and they won’t forget it.  Thank you.

See you at the LFM!  

Terry Baraldi – Livin’ the Life in Lansdowne