September, Solstice and Sweaters

First things first:  A correction regarding our Inside Out installation, sponsored by the Philadelphia Museum of Art: the link given in last week’s newsletter was for last year’s map…not at all helpful!  Mea culpa.  Fortunately, there really is a downloadable app for that. Click here and choose your version, hit the Lansdowne button, and start walking.  For the non-techies, paper maps will soon be available at each installation.  In the meantime, use my method…enlist the tech-spertise (claiming copyright on this word!) of a 12-year-old.

Don’t let last Saturday’s heatwave lure you back into those white pants!  By this Market day, we are officially into Fall, y’all.   Sweater weather may be a week or two away yet, but best be prepared.

The tomatoes tell the tale: still hefty, but shorter, cooler days mean not quite full-on ripe, and maybe will need some time on your windowsill before you slice them up.  On the other hand, those latecomer greenies are near perfect for breading and frying or turning into savory relishes.  Any lingering peaches have made room for grapes by the bunch…ALERT: look for those purple concords to show, and buy ‘em when you see ‘em; they’re never around for long.  Pears in browns and greens, and apples however you like them…tart or sweet, soft or crunchy.

Ever wonder how pears and apples might… um…pair up?  Get thee to Frecon’s tent and try their fresh-from-the-farm potable: “Papple.”  Cider never had it so good.  But Frecon sells cider too, for the purists.  

And don’t be thinking that cider is just for the kiddie table…no sir!  In fact, with just a few additions, it can add a whole new level to your apple intake.  Just ask the folks at Eight Oaks Distillery, who know a thing or two on the subject of fermentation.  So, purely in the interest of science of course, I gathered all the ingredients to concoct a winter-inspired libation called a Log Cabin Cocktail.  Yowzah!  Thanks, Jackie!  I’ll indulge responsibly.

Speaking of indulging, Izzie Lizzie Organics will be here with lotions and potions and soaps…a treat for the skin and the senses.  Be sure to ask about her charcoal products.  Not just for backyard barbecues, that black stuff is a natural purifier with amazing health benefits.  Here’s some not-just-for-nerds facts on charcoal.

This is a 2/4 week.  For the entire list of vendors, visit our website or Face Book page.

In the Music Tent:  Rita Miller and Jay Gullo

In the Artist Tent: Gouldie Rocks: Necklaces and earrings handset with Swarovski crystals to add sparkle to your day… a bit more wearable than our popular Lansdowne Rocks!

And Bonnie’s Wondergarden is back all this month with beautiful florals, already arranged in vases or by the bunch.

And one more reminder that Sept. 30 is Dog Day at LFM!  Whether pedigreed or part this ’n that, we can always expect the unexpected from our pooch pals…like last year’s #2 entry, who won best trick by stepping up and doing…you guessed it…#2.  Hil-ar-ious!

Worth Noting

Thanks to our own Joe Todaro, Mark Linkins and Sycamore Muse for filling in at the music tent on short notice.  Lots of humming along. Always a crowd pleaser.  

Hats off and godspeed to Sebastian of Creative Shepherd Farm, who, in conjunction with North Country Farmers is spearheading a relief effort and driving 3500 lbs ! of food to the rural areas hard hit by Hurricane Harvey.  Sara Burns of Kiss My Soul Naturals is contributing soaps to the cause.  That’s the kind of folks that hang out at the LFM!

And that serves as a reminder that we have hunger right here in our town, among families, our seniors and disabled…so please remember to stop by the Manager’s tent and drop a dollar or two in the Community Cupboard jar.  You won’t miss it but your kindness will be worth a fortune to an empty stomach.  

See you there!

-Terry Baraldi,   Lansdowne Lifer