September Song…and hitting the PAWS button…

September 26, 2017

What is it about the Fall that brings nature so into focus?  Maybe it’s the slanted light that makes shadows lengthen and colors pop? Or maybe because we feel the window closing on our time out of doors?  In any case, I feel the need to share last Saturday’s close encounters with Mother Nature.  1) As shared with many of you, the sight of a bald eagle flying low and circling directly overhead of our market…wonder what his eagle eye spied?  And, 2) a front row seat in my own backyard to watch a monarch butterfly unfold from its chrysalis, spread its glorious wings and begin its 3,000-mile migration to Mexico.  Amazing grace! And a reminder that we humans are just one small brushstroke on her canvas.  We need to take a moment every now and then to see the big picture.

You wouldn’t have known it from the thermometer last Saturday, but we’re officially into Autumn. You could, however, take your cue from the visuals.  Bonnies Wondergarden stall was glowing with mums in purple, gold and scarlet. Frecon had the first of those blue-black concord grapes (fair warning, they won’t be there for long!).  We saw jugs of rich cinnamon-brown cider and mellow yellow pears.  Fruitwood Farms put an exclamation point on it all with piles of gourds in all sorts of funky colors and shapes.

Time to get ready…

Are you a grasshopper or an ant?  Raise your hand if you remember Aesop and his fables.  For all you ants out there, Fruitwood might still have some corn, so maybe buy extra now to freeze; likewise any remaining peaches to slice and sock away ‘til December, for those healthy smoothies you’ll be swirling up and swilling down…or, what the heck, for peach pies!!!  For the grasshoppers among us…we’ll worry about bathing suit season come next May.

You might also want to buy up some of John Wilson’s perennial crowd pleasers: red wine chili and mushroom soup.  They are truly gifts that keep on giving, especially when, and I speak from experience, they are unearthed in your freezer some snowy night.  To be sure he has you covered, order in advance and stock up!   

This week, check out Primal Meat Supply for some soup stock to make your own tummy warmers.  Green Zebra still has some ‘maters and beans and all kinds of greens to “beef” up your broth.  

And, drum roll please… it’s Dog Day!   The paw-rade will begin at 11:30, human-time.  All you need is a pooch with personality and the $2 entry fee…which will go to support our Animal Friends of Lansdowne.  May the good work continue.    

In the Music Tent:  Doc Terry and Friends and the Auld String Theory…less Big Bang, more Big Banjo… and dulcimer, and whistles and horns…making a most joyful noise.  

Artist of the Week:  Another LFM favorite…Marian Schaner and Leslie Donnelly bring Dye Me Up, taking us all into a post-hippie psychedelic explosion.  Dye Me Up is pledging 25% of their sales to Animal Friends! That’s Lansdowne for ya.

Dana Robinson and Izzie Lizzie Organics Co will be on hand to indulge the skin and the “scents”es.  Buh-dum-bum!   

As always, you can see the entire list of vendors and all the news on our LFM website or FaceBook page.

ALERT to all ants and grasshoppers:  Winter is coming.  The last weekly LFM will be October 28.  But don’t miss our big pre-Thanksgiving-pull-out-all-the-stops-and-invite-all-the-vendors Market on November 18….mark your calendar!  

Any day now, there will be two new reasons to stroll up The Ave.  

On Sunday, Oct 1 at 11:30 a.m., Jamey’s House of Music, will be rolling out his new live music venue with a grand opening Blues Brunch and Jam (and we don’t mean jelly) Session.  On Oct 15th, our favorite cake lady will be opening the doors to Kia’s Cakes & Cafe at the old Patrone address…sweet! We wish them both the very best!

-Terry Baraldi, Live, Laugh, Love in Lansdowne