Sweet Taste of Summer

June 26, 2018

Impossible though it might seem, we are now at the last market for June, 2018.  And all of a sudden, BOOM! It’s the 4th of July. Can the Back to School ads be far behind?   Didn’t we just get here?

Well, yes, we did; and despite our tendency to see the bottom of the glass, we’ve still got a lot of summer livin’ to do.  On the bright side…all the summer togs and beach toys you still haven’t bought are now ON SALE!

Here at the market we mark the weeks by what’s piled on those produce tables.  And according to them we are just entering the heart of the summer. At this point, yet to come are all those blueberries, peaches, melons and OMG the corn!  Apples are still just a thought. Don’t forget to check your shopping list against the PA seasonal calendar .

Asparagus is gone, but last week we spied some early cucumbers and even peaches, so save room in your basket.  Does anything say “summer” more than sweet, sticky peach juice running down your chin? Didn’t think so.

Holiday picnic plans?  The LFM stands ready to serve up all the ingredients for a perfect day. Stop by Potato Homestead for everything you need to make your famous potato salad… (yes, they now have potatoes.)  And ain’t nobody’s business if that blueberry crumble pie came ready-made from My House Cookies.  Feel free to take credit for at least remembering to buy it.

What else?  If you haven’t finished off that crusty loaf of Big Sky bread, get ready to channel your inner peasant.  Cube the bread, dice up a couple of ripe tomatoes and a handful of basil, and make panzanella.  This gorgeous salad is high on flavor, and with no dairy or mayo is perfect for al fresco dining on even the hottest days.  Buon appetito!

And at the risk of repeating, be sure to visit the LFM website or FaceBook page to check this week’s full schedule of vendors to round out your shopping list.  But you know that, right?

In the Music Tent: A sentimental favorite: Mansfield Brass  Part Souza, part Seuss.  If 4th of July is around the corner, so is Lansdowne’s own brass band.

In the Artist’s Tent:  Billy Napoli Creations.  Have fabric, will sew. Using fun fabrics and notions, both new and repurposed, Billy creates various bags, pouches, sleep masks, and other goodies to enjoy!   For yourself or someone you love…great gift ideas.

Also a great gift, especially for the host of the pre-fireworks picnic:   Amazing Essence   High quality soy candles in light fragrances just right for summer relaxation.  Stop by.


This Saturday the Landing will be crowded with local civic organizations and businesses that would like to get to know you…and vice versa.  This is a chance for small local entrepreneurs and organizers that don’t normally have a public presence to introduce their products or their passions to the LFM shoppers.   Take a stroll down the extra row of vendors this week. The Lansdowne Business & Professional Association, the Lansdowne Library and Lansdowne Borough will also be represented…and welcome your questions and comments.

Guest Community Table: Union AA.  If you haven’t already stopped by to get your fireworks tickets or make your donation…what are you waiting for???   This event can’t continue into the future without you. Even if you are lucky enough to have a view from your porch…please contribute.

See you at the parade!

-Terry Baraldi, Lansdowne Proud