The Heart and Heat of Summer

July 5, 2017

By the time you read this, another July 4th, with its parade and fireworks, will be history.  And by the looks of the shoppers and the stalls last Saturday, I’m thinkin’ that the feasting was just as noteworthy.

And now we head into the heart, and the heat, of summer.   Time to throw a pretty tablecloth over the kitchen stove and adjourn to the backyard, deck, or patio, where the grill has been cleaned up, fueled up and just waiting to take center stage.  Now it only remains to find the stars and supporting cast.

Whether you’re a carnivore, crucivore (I am so trademarking that word) or somewhere in between, the LFM has your shopping list covered.  

If you didn’t get a chance to meet them last time, now’s the time check out one of our newest vendors, Primal Supply Meats, purveyor of local grass-fed and pastured beef, pork and poultry.   NOTE: This may be the closest thing to a butcher shop on wheels, also offering stock, marrow bones and beef tallow so you can get creative in your own kitchen.  

In the greengrocer department:  Produce is pickin’ up the pace…and no slouch when it comes to taking the heat.  Everything from beets to cauliflower to corn is sweeter when put to the flame to pull out those natural sugars.  Things your mom could never get you to eat are now trending at the top of the flavor charts.  Eat’em while they’re hot…or serve ‘em up cold in a summer salad.   Win win.

Even fruit is getting in on the act:  grill half a peach (they are here, and they are perfection) cut-side down, flip and fill the center with some butter and brown sugar till it’s all gooey goodness.  Or brush with just a kiss of the aged balsamic that you bought from Mediterra last time (you did get some, right?  If not, do so when they return on the 15th).  Try this with watermelon, too!  Or experiment and report back.

But what if it’s just too hot to cook?  Gotcha covered this week at Pure Truth Culinary Services.  Meet your own personal chef, Chris Ferguson who, whether you swing Asian or Southern BBQ, will send you home with a complete meal to eat tonight or sock away in the freezer for one of those nights when you just can’t….Halal and healthy!

And do you let the neighbors think you’re giving the house a fresh coat?…or do you invite them to share a paint can of Paradocx wine?

Two LFM favorites will be making an appearance this week.  Clyde Barrow at the mic to get you movin’ and groovin’, and the Icery (will be here all of July!!!!) to cool you down, Daddio!

And maybe a little something to show you were here? Like some body decor by Just Bee Jewelry and Things.

This market will feature our 2nd and 4th week vendors. Don’t forget to visit our FaceBook page and the LFM website for the entire schedule of vendors, or to bump your shopping list up against what’s going out or coming into season here in PA.

Before I close, a word about the LFM, its place in our town, and the relationships it builds beyond our borders.  The Market isn’t just a place to buy the freshest, locally sourced foods or satisfy a penchant for unique arts and crafts.  Maybe that’s how it started, but today it’s come to be a significant space; even if you come just to sit and enjoy the music and a treat, you are reminded that you’re a member of a very special community, and of your good fortune in finding yourself in the middle of it.  Take a minute to chat with a vendor and you’ll hear that we rank high not only in terms of sales, but in the overall ambience of the town and the friendly people in it.  Word carries.  People are hearing about us, about Lansdowne, about a place to make a home.  

So keep coming, keep taking part in our unique enterprise, and I’ll see you at the Market!


Terry Baraldi – Livin’ the Life in Lansdowne