To Market, To Market

May 29, 2018


The calendar may insist on June 21st, but, sure as God made little green peas, here in Lansdowne the first day of summer comes with the opening bell of the Lansdowne Farmers Market.  And for sure, last Saturday’s temps agreed.  It was a hottie.

The Memorial weekend LFM is always more like a festival than just another Saturday Market.  Forget schedules, this is the rare occasion when ALL the season’s vendors set up tents with a tasteful…or tasty…preview of delights to come.  All I can say at this writing is…mind blown, not to mention my diet.

Before I go any further, and because I can only hold your attention for so long, you need to STOP READING NOW and go directly to our awesome new and improved LFM website to check out all of the vendors and their weekly schedules.  You should do this now and every week.  Go on, I’ll wait.   

Seriously, this new website could put me out of a job, but over the coming weeks, as the vendors settle into their schedules and spaces, I’ll try to keep you current on what’s goin’ out, what’s comin’ in, and what you should be sure to look for; as well as our popular events, like Community Days, Kids Day, Dog Day, and maybe stuff we haven’t thought of yet.

But just for this week, I’d like to talk about the Market itself…the big picture.  In case you haven’t noticed, Lansdowne has been getting some excellent and optimistic PR in the local media, and the LFM is one of the reasons.  Forget what I said last week about tents rising from the asphalt.  Those tents might take the winter off, but the LFM is a year-round enterprise, done by a handful of your friends and neighbors…folks who care about making Lansdowne a destination and a place to call home.  And it’s working! Don’t just take my word for it…Read all about it!

But the working heart of the weekly market, the part that everyone else sees, starts every Saturday morning around 7:30 as a crew of volunteers, caffeinated or un, arrive to set up operations ahead of that 9:00 cowbell.  And at 1:00 PM they do it all again, in reverse. That’s every week from now ‘til Halloween. They make sure that everything is right where it should be. But you know what’s missing?  YOU!

So, if you’d like to hang out with the cool crowd in the Market Manager’s tent… show up and volunteer.  No invitation needed.  We’ll save you a seat.

Back to the food portion of the program:  In addition to Fruitwood Orchards (think peaches, corn and melons!)  and Green Zebra’s technicolor heirloom tomatoes, we have two new produce vendors this year.  Herrcastle Farm, from Holtwood, PA has promised that the growing season is right on schedule, so we’ll be seeing cherries and blueberries by Father’s Day. Also go say hello at Potato Homestead of Sewell NJ, who had the cutest little turnips I ever saw…but no potatoes.  Curious.

Speaking of curious, one of our vendors of long standing, John of Wilson’s Curiously Good Foods, has come a far piece from his original and still FABulous mushroom soup and chili.  Be sure to check out his groaning board of cheese spreads, seasoned nuts and, if you’re quick, the pot de creme.

In the Music Tent:  Slim Jim & Big Guy: If you remember how to jitterbug and slow dance, or just feel like a pair of blue suede shoes and bobby socks, this is one of the hottest tickets of the LFM music season.

Artist of the Week:  Beads in the 4th Re-Invention: Jewelry artist Cathy Pregmon’s one-of-a-kind pieces crafted from organic bits and beads and semi-precious stones.  Wear them and be wonderful.

LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST:  PLEASE stop by the Union AA table and support our annual Fourth of July Parade and Fireworks.  This cherished event, one of the only small-town celebrations left in Delco, is supported and paid for solely through your donations.  Without your support we could lose one of Lansdowne’s proudest traditions. Don’t be that person!

And now that you’ve finished reading this letter, be sure to go back and read all of the other articles and information in this newsletter.  You don’t want to miss anything.

And of course, you could and should always find us on the web or on FaceBook to plan your next LFM shopping list.

And while you’re at it, for all that’s happening on the Ave and around the town, check out the LEDC website.  Don’t be a stranger!   

See you at the Market!

-Terry Baraldi, Life Well Spent in Lansdowne