Local Business Owners Recruit Community Bank to Lansdowne

The building at 48 Marshall Road has been home to a number of different banks since 1955. But shortly after the First Union Bank was merged and abandoned the site the local owners of Stephanou’s Service Center and Mar-Win Shop N Bag saw a decline in their respective businesses and mounted a campaign to recruit a community bank back to the neighborhood. Their efforts helped bring Eagle National Bank to Lansdowne.

Eagle National Bank

Eagle National Bank, 48 W. Marshall Road.

As a full service bank, Eagle offers personal and business deposit accounts, loans and safe deposit boxes to residential and commercial customers at five branch offices and through electronic banking services. Over the years Eagle National Bank has proudly supported Lansdowne community events and organizations including the Lansdowne Union AA annual Fourth of July parade and fireworks show, the American Legion Post, and the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market and the Lansdowne Arts Festival – both initiatives of the Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation.

The opening of Eagle National Bank in Lansdowne truly demonstrates the impact that a few community members can have on their community and the importance of a diverse cooperative business environment. Local businesses provide more then goods and services collectively they create the commerce corridor that is too often taken for granted.

Eagle National Bank has remained stable weathering the challenges of the real estate crisis and recession and currently reports growth and improvement in the Lansdowne economy. Branch Manager, Karen Doherty, AVP, recently said “We don’t see growth unless our customers see growth, and it makes us happy to see local businesses thrive. There is so much to offer in Lansdowne. It’s such a diverse, welcoming community. There’s something for everyone here.”

So now that you know the story of how one business community came together, make a visit to the Marshall Road Business District and shop Lansdowne first.

Welcoming staff members Welcoming staff members

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