Twenty Years and the Beat Goes On for Todaro’s Music Store

Todaro’s Music Store is a creative destination where proprietor Joe Todaro has been making music for over two decades. In fact, Todaro not only makes music they make musical instruments too! Joe Todaro invented, designed, and manufactures a Ukulele-Charango, a string instrument that produces a very unique sound. The instrument is hand crafted in South America and sold all over the world. It is most popular with ukulele players and plucked string instrument musicians. Todaro also imports musical instruments and accessories from all over the world, and can provide the precise instrument for the beginning musician as well as the most talented professional.

Todaro's Music

Located at 28 N. Lansdowne Ave. the store is well stocked with a variety of string, wind, reed and percussion instruments, as well as ethnic & world instruments, sheet music, and accessories. Todaro’s also provides music lessons and instructions. Private classes start any time the student prefers and you can register any time.

Joe originally opened a store in E. Lansdowne and moved to Lansdowne Ave. in 1993. Lansdowne Ave. is a heavy traveled roadway served by public transportation. The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission estimates that over 30,000 vehicles pass thru Lansdowne’s Central Business District every day. Joe says that the traffic volume is good for business and that new customers routinely find his store by just driving by. Retaining new customers has been key to Todaro’s long success.

Joe Todaro

Joe Todaro

Joe recalls April 17, 2010, as a day he was introduced to several new customers. The Acapulco group “Straight No Chaser” performed a benefit concert at the Lansdowne Theater to a full house of 1,300 theater patrons. After the show a dozen or so theater patrons wandered into the store. Today, years later, many of those theater patrons still frequent Todaro’s store. Joe believes the reopening of the Lansdowne Theater as a concert venue and performing arts center will greatly enhance commerce in Lansdowne and will be a great source for new recurring business. For now check it out, but, be warned — you may catch the beat and the back beat.

Music books inside Todaro's also inside Todaro's

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  • I’m looking for electric guitar lessons for my 9, soon to be 10 year old in April. He received an beginners electric guitar for Christmas & its just sitting in his room in the guitar holder. U can contact me @ I’m in Clifton Heights, Pa. Looking for so place close to me.

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