We ain’t afraid of no rain!

June 6, 2018

Weather forecast be darned (we’re family-friendly here at the LFM), the crew and the crowd showed up and the rain didn’t.  So Lansdowne Farmers Market found its groove with the rock ’n roll sounds of Slim Jim, Big Guy and Robert.  The joint was jumpin’!  Even Green Zebra’s Mitch jumped on the mic for a hot lick.  That’s how we roll here.

Even the little ones got into the act, using the Landing as their dance floor…that is, when they weren’t finding and re-hiding Lansdowne Votes rocks.  Yep, even the rocks rocked!

Now that we’re on our alternating vendor schedule, you’ll want to check here every week to make up your must-buy list.  But I’m happy to give some special advance buzz to our newcomers.  We want them to feel loved and welcomed, right? They’ve already heard that we’re the hippest street in Delco…so let’s show ‘em.

This week stop by and say hello, and maybe wet your whistle, with Conshohocken Brewery, one of the Philly area’s premier local brewers. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more about these folks.  

Missing on opening day, but hoping to make their premier appearance this week, is MacDougall’s Irish Victory Cakes…and who doesn’t love a winner?  Do you suppose it’s all about the Eagles Super Bowl?  You’ll have to stop by to find out.

You’ll be happy to hear that things in the produce aisles are goin’ and growin’ strong.  You still have time to get those early peas, spring onions and asparagus. The radishes and marble-sized turnips add a spicy crunch to any salad or stir-fry.  And next week we’ll likely see green beans, kale and kohlrabi added to the piles.

What’s long and red and looks like celery with a bad sunburn?  Could it be the oft-maligned and mysterious rhubarb? What’s up with that?  Well, before you bite off a chunk, be warned. Its blush ain’t because it’s bashful.  Rhubarb takes a lot of sweet talkin’ to make it palette-ready.  But match it up with some sugar, strawberries, maybe a few spices…and shazam!   Recipes abound on “Google.” Fun fact: In the sports world, an angry (tart?) confrontation on the baseball diamond, usually between umpire and player, is called a “rhubarb.”  Nerd alert: What’s it all about?

In the Music Tent:  A double header!  Acoustics abound, with Jessica Grae on acoustic guitar, followed by The Minor Adjustments, tripping from bluegrass to blues, and all stops in between.

Artist of the Week:  They’re back!  Marian Schaner and Leslie Donnelly with an LFM favorite: Dye Me Up.  Make a splash with colorful duds and decor!  

Bonus: Wear something tie-dyed to the Manager’s Tent and get a market buck.

Three reminders:

  • Father’s Day is June 17th.
  • Union AA table:  Please support this long-standing Lansdowne tradition
  • Community Cupboard:  Hungry people live everywhere…even here in Lansdowne.  When the school year ends, so does some students’ one reliable source of a meal.  Consider dropping a dollar or two into the container at the Manager’s tent.

Community Days:  The first of three for the season will be June 30.  Fee for space is $30.  Here’s a link to the application, due with your check no later than June 18.

And of course, be sure to check the LEDC calendar, and mark your own, for any new events happening around the town.  Also lots of info on local businesses and community events can be found at the Manager’s tent.  Stop by to say hello and check it all out.

See you there!

Terry Baraldi, Long-time (really long-time!) Lansdowner