We’re More Than Just a Market

September 13, 2017

Before I even begin to talk about this week’s Lansdowne Farmers Market, can I just take a moment to thank and congratulate the LEDC and all of the volunteers who made last Sunday’s Arts on the Avenue a smashing success?  It takes a village…and ours is one of the best.  Take a bow, y’all!

And as if that weren’t enough, last weekend was also the kick-off, in conjunction with the Phila. Museum of Art, for a second round of Inside Outa high honor to be selected not once, but twice, for this walking tour of some of the museum’s most important pieces.  Read more about it here… and yes, there’s a map for that.  Put on your walking shoes and enjoy even more of what this town is about.

Now, on to the LFM.  It won’t be long now before the cool in the air becomes a chill, even a nip.  So gather ye rosebuds (found at Bonnie’s Wondergarden stall) along with the very last of the peaches, corn, and tomatoes, while ye may.  Enjoy them now, or save them in jars of sweet jams, compotes and savory chutneys.  

Even the novice canner …that would be me…can find some safe and simple recipes to use up those last of the season beauties.  There’s nothing prettier, nor more self-satisfying, than a shelf lined with Ball jars that you filled yourself.  NOTE:  While some of you may be advanced enough to invest in pressure cookers and the latest gadgetry, you really don’t need a lot of equipment to get started…just a large pot for water bath canning and some good tools for lifting hot jars onto your counter.  What you do need is enough time set aside and to follow the instructions to the letter!  Take it from one who learned this the hard way, but lived to can another day…and in just a few spare hours last week made sweet ’n savory tomato jam, fig and squash caponata and peach chutney.  Feeling smug, I am.  

Life Hack for tomato recipes.  Dig out that box grater you forgot you had.  You’re welcome!

Of course, you may prefer to forego all that fuss and folderol, and just eat your way through the seasons…a perfectly acceptable alternative.  So turn your attention, if you will, to all those hearty cool-weather crops, like winter squash, root vegetables, potatoes and onions, carrots and celery, and meaty mushrooms that are now center stage.  Soup’s on!  Maybe cook up some Freeland Market sausages and slice them in for good measure and good eats!  And don’t forget the Big Sky bread for dipping!

…and finally, can we discuss the Asian pear?  You know, that round, brown mystery fruit now playing at the Fruitwood stall?  If your curiosity got the better of you, you found that while it ticks all the markers for crisp and juicy, the flavor is a bit more, shall we say, elusive.  But its texture and crunch factor lend itself beautifully to a salad or a stir fry, or in those compotes and chutneys you’re getting ready to jar up.…and you are, right?  And they’re good for you, too.  So, in the interest of science, I devote this week’s Nerd facts to the Asian Pear.  

Did someone say football?  It happens every year, and so does the Fall selection from Neshaminy Brewing…once again proving there’s more than one way to work magic on a pumpkin.  Stop by and see what’s “on tap” this season. Or look here.

This is a Week 3 market, so check our website and FaceBook page for the complete lineup.  Also check out the canine candid on the pagetop.  He’s reminding you that Sept. 30 is Doggie Day, and the LFM’s world-famous doggie parade and contest.  Get those canine costumes and tricks ready for their closeups.  For entry details, stop by the Manager’s Tent this week.  All you really need is a dog, but you might also want to stock up on Fido’s favorite kibble as a motivational tool.   

Kiss My Soul natural products will be there to help you replenish what the summer sun took from your skin, and get it ready for winter’s wear and tear.  Sara’s candles are a great way to banish the gloom of winter, and offset the smells of wet boots, mittens and indoor living.

In the Music Tent:  A very special appearance by the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra as they get ready to kick off their season.  The LSO is one of the jewels of our community.  Don’t think you’re into the long-hair stuff?  You may be surprised.  I certainly was.

Artist of the week: Genevieve Naklicki Creations: Small- to medium-sized patches that are a mix of machine embroidery, hand embroidery, and hand painting.

Extra Notes:  

  • Cocky Confections will not be returning for the remainder of the market season.  But you can get your candy fix at MoJo’s Pop Co.
  • Happily, after missing this week, Frecon will be back in their usual spot this coming Saturday, so go ahead and add their hard cider to your Autumn must-haves.

This Saturday: come see me at the market tent. Give the secret password: “Support the LSO,” and I’ll give you a Market Buck.

-Terry Baraldi,  Happy to be a Villager…in Lansdowne