We’re Not Just Kidding Around

July 27, 2017

Kids and shopping…not so perfect together.  Close your eyes (no! not yet…after you read this!) and remember walking the grocery aisles with your mom or dad. How many “Can we get that, pleeease?”s followed by, “No, not today”s and, “Put that back”s.  Remember that?

Now forget that and get ready for the most high-energy market of every season…Kids Day!   That’s when our Market crew dreams up fun and creative ways to turn “I’m only here ‘cause my mom is” into “Can we stay longer?”  Oh, we’ve been fun all along…but this is the week we pull out all the stops, with games and fabulous prizes (market bucks!!) and quite possibly an extra measure of noise.

In addition to the aforementioned noise, there will be the ever-popular butterfly tent; a chance to meet some of Lansdowne’s first responders and climb aboard a real fire truck or police car; fun and facts from our own Lansdowne Library;  and…Introducing (cue the trumpets):  LANSDOWNEROCKS!  This is our Boys and Girls Club’s version of the latest craze.  Fun for the whole family. To learn more about it, visit and join the Lansdowne Rocks FaceBook page…and rock out!   

Note to the kids: Some of the vendors will be stocking special $1 items to trade for those Market Bucks you won!   So spend ‘em while you got ‘em!

Kid Day is just one of the special market days coming up this season…so pay attention and watch this space for:  

  • Community Day – August 26.  Stop by the Manager’s tent for more information and applications.
  • Dog Day – Sept. 30.  Which gives you plenty of time to teach Fido a new trick, or convince him to wear that stupid hat.

The Market has settled into its summer self.  Each week the produce tables seem to outdo the week before with more and more of what you’ve been waiting for…fresh off the stalk, vine, tree, or bush.  Meats and treats galore.  An embarrassment of riches.  Be sure to take full advantage.

There’s still lots of warm weather food, fun and games ahead; take time to savor it all.

Right here is where I need to remind you to be sure to read the rest of the newsletter because there’s just so much more than what I can tell you in this space.

In addition to our weekly regulars, this week will feature the 1st and 3rd week venders.  

That means that this is the week to get your Mexican fix at Taste of Puebla.  The freshest salsa, guac, pico de gallo and tamales to take home, or maybe only as far as the Landing…Muy Bueno! To get the full roster and all things LFM please visit us on our website or FaceBook page

This week’s artist will be Useful and Beautiful featuring Karen Heenan’s handmade up-cycled cloth creations.  Squeezably soft!…and charmin’!

And, as if all of this weren’t enough…shine up your bossa nova shoes, because this week, live on our stage, Lansdowne’s own MINAS!  With original music and vocals as sultry as our recent weather, Patricia and Orlando Haddad enjoy international acclaim; but just as importantly, they are very much a living and giving part of our own community.  And this week, at the Lansdowne Landing, you get to hear them up close and personal.

Looks like a great week to live and play in Lansdowne.  Ready…Set…GO!


-Terry Baraldi  –  Live in, Love in Lansdowne!