What’s Not to Love

February 13, 2018

February is usually associated with love but sometimes we find ourselves dreading this typically cold, rainy month. So, to warm our hearts a bit, we’ve decided to make a list of things we love about February.

  • This year – our Eagles win. For those of you that are avid football fans, the curse is over and random singing of “We are the Champions” and the Eagles fight song will be ringing in your ears for the next 12 months. At least. Loathe football? Then be happy the season is over and you can reclaim the television for some binge watching of whatever appeals to your senses. (I suggest adding wine and some pajama pants.)
  • Valentine’s Day. Hopefully you received a cute valentine from your love interest but in case you were let down (again), take a vow to reclaim this holiday next year. Plot a mail campaign for people you witnessed doing a random act of kindness. Find their street or email address and send them a valentine next year. Tell them what you loved about what they did. You’ll love yourself for this campaign next year and won’t dread this holiday.
  • It’s short. Heck, we are more than halfway through the month already. Remember, the groundhog forecast is not based on science. Although he said six more weeks of winter, he may be wrong and spring could be just around the corner.
  • Our winter Farmers Market. Shed your hibernating status and come out to market. Visit the vendors who venture to keep our market alive during the winter months. It is always good to talk to your friends at the market and they will help you keep the faith that warmer months are coming.
  • Local events. We were happy to see a big list of events happening in Lansdowne this month. Get out and attend an event or two. We update our Lansdowne events calendar all the time so click here for the latest.  (We are happy to report that the calendar has been expanding from month to month – no sloths here!)
  • The Winter Olympics. Who didn’t dream about being a figure skater or an alpine skier after seeing the Olympics in your youth? For us here at the LEDC, we are rooting for an old friend’s son and PA native Jayson Terdiman. He is part of the two-man luge and is partnered with Matt Mortensen, a sergeant in the Army’s World Class Athlete Program.  Go team USA!
  • Utility Works. Our creative co-working space finally has a name. A daily rotation of working toilets still, but we do have a name. The changes in the building have been happening daily and membership applications are being sent out left and right. If you want a membership, contact us soon; lots of interested creative folks are already laying claim to their studio spaces.

We hope our list makes February a little less bleak for you.  A tiny list, really, but it gets us through the hard days if we accentuate the positive. Remember that we lose ourselves in the things we love and we find ourselves there, too.

Turning the Corner Blog by Jeanne Ketcham

Jeanne is a resident of Lansdowne and the Program Coordinator for the Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation.

Email us to be considered for our blog at Jeanne@LansdownesFuture.org