Word from the Mother

October 19, 2017

Apparently she thought I was getting a little too smug with my weather predictions, so she re-set the dial and put me on notice: it’s not nice to second guess Mother Nature.  Last Saturday definitely was one for the Fall column.  But no complaints here…we’re all more than ready to enjoy days with the windows open and nights with the blankets pulled up.  Cozy.

The cool misty weather seemed to bring a whole new energy to the LFM last week.  Who could argue with weather that made it just the right time to belly up to the latest addition in our vendor lineup…welcome to Mama Rie’s Kitchen!  Mama and kids reeled us all in with their hearty West African chicken and cabbage over rice.  Note: they’ll be back on October 28th.  Make sure you get there early…’cuz Mama sells out.

This week you can still get your warm on with Taste of Pueblo, or Cheryl’s Southern Style…and of course John Wilson’s curiously good mushroom soup, red wine chili, and mac ’n cheese.  So we’re good.  

Check out Neshaminy Brewing for some heftier winter offerings, or a berry red bottle from Mitchell & Mitchell; paired with some aged cheese from Creative Shepherd, fire up the woodpile and it’s a party!   

Warning: there is a bit of a downside to the chill…you know what I’m talkin’ about… time to get back into those jeans you put away last April.  Yeah.  Big sigh.  Look to Green Zebra for salvation.  Mitch has got the greens to get things going in the right direction.  Take the cauliflower…or as the Romans called it: brassica oleracea, or wild cabbage.  Today we call it a super food, low in calories and carbs, but rich in all kinds of hard-to-pronounce vitamins.  No longer your grandma’s overboiled and bland bowl that looked sad, and probably tasted worse…today we mash it, puree it, put it on our pizzas, and for a Thanksgiving showstopper, why not roast it whole!

In the Music tent this week:  The acoustic folk duo: Fiorenza-Dowlin

Artist of the week: Julie’s Hoolies…a whole new “spin” (get it?) on the old hula hoop.

This is a week 3 vendor schedule.  As always, for the complete listing, visit our website or our FaceBook page.


It’s hard to imagine that there are only two regular markets left in our season…or three, if you count the Thanksgiving bonus on Nov. 18.  All of our vendors are invited to be on hand for this farewell to the 2017 season.

So don’t miss the last few chances to see and be seen, maybe get that phone number or email from a new friend, make promises to get together (and do it!).   

But we’re not ready to go into hibernation just yet.  There’s still some fun to be had before we roll up the tents.  

Still to come…

Oct 28 will be our Fall Festival / Community Day / Halloween Extravaganza.  Candy and fun for the kid in all of us.  Come as you are, or whoever you want to be…  

Also that week you won’t want to miss Jean Lenke and the “gurls” of Just Roses.  Jean can also be found the last two Sundays of October, from 2 to 5 (weather permitting), bringing her Jean Therapy Jazz Jam to the Landing.  And in true jam tradition…if you play or sing, just jump on in. Just another thing to do on a Sunday in L-town.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take the Inside Out self-guided walking tour before it all goes away Nov 20.  And if Mother Nature wants to show some love, maybe the trees will put on a show of their own.

Finally, we want to give props to our own Kia, whose Kia’s Cakes and Cafe opened its doors this past Sunday.  And sneaking in under the radar, I Got the Juice Cafe popped up in what was formerly Spicy’s.  Stop in and say hello to Melvin.  Congrats and good luck to all!

So, I’ll see you Saturday, then?  Don’t forget.

-Terry Baraldi, Livin’ large in Lansdowne