Abra Cadabra…. or, How Do They Do It?

July 12, 2017

It happens every Saturday from Memorial Day to Halloween.  A small parking lot transforms into a bustling bazaar…umbrellas grow from the macadam, tents rise side by side, tables sprout and cover themselves with gustatory glory!  And at 9:00 on the dot the brass bell rings in another edition of the Lansdowne Farmers Market.

How do they do it?   Well, I can tell ya.  It ain’t easy.  And it ain’t magic.

Just ahead of the weekend, growers have been in the fields selecting the best of their crops; cooks were kneading dough, stirring batters, and stuffing ingredients into dumplings, corn husks or other delicious delivery systems…every vendor prepping their wares.  And by the time that darn rooster crows, the trucks and vans and station wagons are packed and the GPS set to Lansdowne… all in order to bring you the freshest possible feasts for the eye, stomach and table.   Every Saturday, rain or shine, heat wave or autumn chill.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… a band of VOLUNTEERS is reprising LFM’s weekly version of The Fast and the Furious…sweeping up stray napkins, candy wrappers and cigarette butts (ick!), whisking away puddles, setting out umbrellas and tents and sound systems.  Just in time, because here comes the caravan!  A few minutes resolving any logistical problems (and there are always logistical problems), a few more spent finding that darn bell!  And we’re off!  Every Saturday.  

This market it’s the 1st and 3rd week sellers.   You can find the entire listing by clicking on the FaceBook page or the LFM website . Bump them up against your pantry levels and all the recipes you’ve been meaning to try….this just might be that week.

  • If you’re looking for me, a good bet would be at Kiss My Soul Naturals for lotions, potions and the best soy candles I’ve found to keep me and my home at our natural best.  Sara is a great resource for herbal remedies to refresh your body, soul and spirit.
  • What to go with that cuppa joe from Our Community Cup Coffee?  Firehouse Donuts, of course!   Ask ‘em how they got their name.  
  • If you feel the need to follow up with some protein, Cheryl’s Southern Style BBQ serves up a beef brisket with a side of soul.  Get it by the platter or pound for later, or on a roll for gottahavitrightnow.  Be sure to ask for extra napkins; you’re gonna need ‘em.

In the music tent:  Grab something delicious and a table in the Landing space, and chillax to the mellow artistry of Analog Gypsies Meghan Carey and Peter Farrell .

Artist of the week:  Go on and buy back the fun and funky stuff Bill Napoli created out of things you probably threw away.

By 1:00 on the dot, the last tomato has found a lucky home, the musicians have left the building, and our nomad vendors have rolled up their rugs and headed home, and all that’s left to do is: cue the VOLUNTEERS to folduptheumbrellasandtentspackupthetablesandchairssoundsystememptythetrashandputitallaway.

Get where I’m goin’ with this?  Our Farmers Market doesn’t take magic…it takes a VILLAGE!

Our faithful, friendly and frankly frazzled LFM crew might appreciate, make that need, a few extra and able bodies for set up and take down.  If you would like to see first-hand how it all comes together or apart, all you need to do is show up any or every week.  Introduce yourself.  And welcome to the village!  

Be a VOLUNTEER!  Set up begins around 7:45.   Take down immediately after the 1:00 bell.   See you there!


Terry Baraldi – Livin’ the Lansdowne Life