What’s Cookin’ at the Market?

June 19, 2018

June is bustin’ out all over (points for catching the musical reference) and pouring itself all over the produce tables…Green Zebra, Fruitwood Farms and our newest additions, Herrcastle Farms and Potato Homestead.   The heat has been turned up several notches, which means that some things are going away, and some are comin’ in hot!  Don’t forget to check your PA seasonal calendar to see what’s up and coming…or going.   

When you’ve finished buying up all your kitchen comestibles, why not treat yourself to something hot, delicious and ready to eat?  Because you deserve a break today.

This week will be the first scheduled appearance of: The Pure Truth Culinary Services. Personal chef Chris Ferguson is happy to discuss his philosophy of good, healthy and soul-satisfying food.  Eat it here or take it home. Or take Chris home with you…he makes house calls!

Back for her second appearance this year, Mama Rie’s Kitchen…a real family enterprise.  Mama and her offspring and even the grands get into the act, serving authentic flavors of Africa in their rices, soups and stews.

For the complete roster of vendors, as always, you can check it out on the LFM website and on FaceBook.  

Meanwhile, back in the produce aisle…last week I finally splurged on a jar of the buckwheat honey found at the end corner of the Fruitwood Farm tent.  OMG! Lemme tell ya.  Dark and rich as caramel; it’s supposed to be full of health benefits*, but all I could think was how good it would taste on some of the Icery’s Vanilla Bean gelato.  I’ll report back.**

To think that I’ve been buying the stuff in that silly little bear all these years.

*The jury is still out on the health benefits of honey, so do your research and reach your own conclusions.  Or just buy it ‘cause it tastes so good!

In the Music Tent: An LFM regular, Clyde Barrow of the Legendary BarBusters will bring his rock ’n roll sound to the stage at the Landing.  Grab a cool drink and a plate of something good and settle in.

Artist of the Week:  Perizad Designs jewelry by LFM’s own Maura Ciccarelli.  You never know what Maura will conjure up with bits of silver and stones…but it’ll be for certain a piece as interesting as the artist.  

A personal note: I hope you’ve read this far, and that you enjoy this weekly LFM article as much as I enjoy writing it.  And just to prove it, a market buck to the first 10 people to come say hello to me and mention the newsletter.   And after you’ve finished reading my letter, be sure to check out the rest of the newsletter for events, photos and other LEDC news.  

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you haven’t already done so, be sure to stop by the Union AA table to get your tickets for the July 4th fireworks.  They can’t happen without you.

Don’t let Matt Schultz’s Within a Square Mile exhibit at the 20*20 House pass you by. Even if you’re not a life-timer like me, you’ll get a feel for what Lansdowne was and what it still is…a village that values its past, but embraces its future.   Weekends from noon to 4, ending July 8.

See you Saturday!

**This just in:  Buckwheat honey on Icery Vanilla Bean gelato…OMG AWESOME!  

-Terry Baraldi, Lansdowne is my village